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Alumni Career Resources

Access services and resources to assist you on your career journey as a new graduate or experienced alumni. 


Meet with career counselors to discuss a variety of career related topics. Don't have time for a formal appointment? Check out our QuickStop Drop-In option! Schedule your appointment in Handshake today! 

Assessments (Career Assessments)

Learn more about your passions and interests, discover career paths, and make informed choices for your academic career. Assessments offered are: FOCUSMyers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory, & Clifton Strengths for Students.

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Candid CareerS Video Library

Candid Careers has thousands of videos featuring informational interviews with industry professionals in a wide variety of career areas to help you find your dream job. 

Career Exploration / Choosing & changing Your Major

Have questions about your future career choices? Check out resources like the Academic Catalog, O*Net Online, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Career Exploration Links by Major, and What Can I Do With This Major to help you make informed decisions. 

Career Fairs & Events

We sponsor and co-sponsor numerous career events annually. These events are great for you to expand your network and search for internships or full-time job opportunities. View and register for our upcoming career fairs and events. You can also find other events available to MNSU students on Handshake!

Career Resource Library (CRL)

The CRL is a simple, free, and helpful space that includes a variety of books ranging from graduate school, career exploration, and specific majors.

Career success syllabus 

Grab your future by the horns by following this general guide to completing career milestones during your college experience.

Cover Letters

The cover letter is an introduction to the resume, generating interest and leading the employer to want to learn more about you. Learn how to create a cover letter and some of our tips to stand out.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A CV is a document that contains information from your resume plus other related academic accomplishments. Learn more here. 

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Distance Learners

If you are pursuing your degree from a distance, learn more about the services and resources available to you.


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Check out our employer resources! We have information about recruiting students on Handshake, Internship and Co-Ops, On-Campus Recruiting, and a Guide to Hiring International Students

Events & Fairs

We sponsor and co-sponsor numerous career events annually. These events are great for you to expand your network and search for internships or full-time job opportunities. View and register for our upcoming career fairs and events. You can also find other events available to MNSU students on Handshake!

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Faculty & Staff

Access career information and services! We have several career assignments that you can use to integrate into lectures. Request presentations to share with your students the services our office provides. Find information on hiring student help through Handshake, first destination data for our newest alumni, and additional resources

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Gig Economy

The gig economy is booming. Learn more about what the gig economy is and access career resources to help you in the gig world.

GoinG Global

For those interested in working abroad and for international students interested in working in the United States. 

graduate follow up survey 

Want to see where our recent graduates found employment after graduation? Check out our data! New alumni? Let us know your post-graduation plans, fill out the Graduate Follow Up Survey!

Graduate School Application Resources

Find out more about how to apply to graduate school. Resources on this page include: writing personal statements, admissions tests, and how to find out which school is right for you.

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Use Handshake to look for jobs and internships, register for career events, schedule an appointment, and more! You can also find useful guides to learn how to navigate and use Handshake features. 

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Identity Based Career Resources

Assistance as you navigate your career path and strive to achieve your academic and career goals tailored to individual affinity populations. 

Internship & Co-Ops

Learn about internships and the benefits, how to get an internship, what to do after you've completed your internship, internship coordinators, and prior internship sites of MNSU students. Find and apply to internships on Handshake!


Find information about preparing for an interview, types of interviews and questions, questions to ask employers, and how to follow-up after to put your best image forward as a candidate. You can also find practice interview questions

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Job Search After Graduation

Heading towards graduation or already out in the field and need to search for a new position? This page is for you!

Job Search Handbook

CDC approved information on all things job search related. 

Job Search Sites

Explore career and job search resources for each major. 

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LinkedIn is a great resource where you can find connections all over the globe. Learn how you can best utilize your profile. 

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Majors in Minutes

Listen to stories from MNSU students about why they love and chose their major.

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Networking is about building relationships. Learn how to effectively network like a pro!

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Part-Time Job Search: On- & Off-Campus

Learn how to search for part-time jobs here. Find and apply to part-time jobs on Handshake! If you are work-study eligible, find more information here

Portfolios & Work Samples

A portfolio is a collection of work samples that highlights your skills, projects, training, and education. Get more information here. 

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QuickStop Drop-In Hours

More information on QuickStop hours and topics you can talk about with a career advisor. 

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Who do you choose? How do you ask? What does a professional reference page look like? Get these questions answered here! 


Complete guide to creating a resume, basic tips, and red flags to avoid.

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Salary Negotiation

Know how much you're worth and how to handle the negotiation process.

Schedule a career advising appointment

Instructions to schedule a career advising appointment.

Services Provided by the Career Development Center

List of services the Career Development Center has to help students get a jump start on their career!

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What can I do with this major

Discover different industries and job titles that you can obtain with your major degree. 

Work Philosophies

A work philosophy is a statement about how you view and value your profession. Learn more here. 


Looking for a work-study job? Learn how to find and apply to work-study positions. Find work-study jobs on Handshake!

Writing Samples

Writing samples are used by employers to evaluate your writing skills, tone and style, and written communication skills. Learn more here. 

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