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  • Major additions to Professionals in Stuttering Who Left Their Mark - added
  • updated information on Terry Dartnell

  • Stepford Wives - original version - and Parental Guidanceadded to movies that portray stuttering.

  • "Keys to deal with teasing" from Logan (age 10) added to What I Do or Say When I Get Teased About Stuttering

  • Updated Just for Teens with several additions.


  • An Experimental Study of the Effect of Evaluative Labelling on Speech Fluency by Mary Tudor added to The Museum under "Early thoughts about Stuttering"

  • The Stuttering Chimp by Alex, age 9, added to "Just for Kids"

  • A message from Daren, age 11, about how he feels when he is teased about stuttering.

  • Links to material on Lionel Logue added to Remembering the contributions of those who have passed on


  • 15th International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) online conference A Voice and Something to Say opens.


  • DVD of NSA master class When a Student Stutters: Meeting challenges in the school setting by Nancy Ribbler


  • Submission by Veronica on How I've Been Teased About My Stuttering

  • The Story of the FIRST Shady Trails Reunion - a 24MG powerpoint of pictures and information.

  • Group Pictures of Shady Trails Campers and Staff added to Memories of Shady Trails

  • Links added to


  • DVD of NSA workshop Covert Stuttering Exposed! - 2012 - featuring Cathy Olish, Kristin Pelczarski, Jennifer, and Anthony

  • DVD of NSA master class Sharpening Your Counseling Skills - by David Luterman

  • DVD of NSA master class Stuttering Desensitization: Rational and Practical Applications - by Heather Grossman

  • DVD of NSA master class Application of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Techniques to Stuttering Intervention - by Lisa Scott

  • DVD of NSA workshop Accept the Stuttering, Not the Struggling by Vivian Sisskin and several participants in her therapy program , presented at the 2012 NSA convention.

  • DVD of Bill Wade's Keynote speech at the NSA convention Guys From Harvard Don't Stutter. . . and Other Myths

  • Links added to



  • "Why Didn't They Ask Evans?" added to Movies that portray stuttering

  • Links added to


  • "Let There Be Light" and "Jesus H. Christ" added to Movies that portray people who stutter.

  • Huge bibliography of Books with Rhyme and Repeated Lines

  • Links added to


  • "To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar" added to Movies that portray people who stutter

  • Link established to


  • Added three programs/professors to PhD Programs in Stuttering

  • Replaced dead links to ASHA handouts from fluency presentation at ASHA Convention

  • Another "folk myth" about stuttering treatment in Africa added to Folk Myths About Stuttering

  • Added links and PDF's of disorder-specific children's books to the Virtual Library including several relating to stuttering.


  • APPs for Stuttering added to Therapy Materials for Stuttering

  • Bryngelson, Bryng. "Prognosis of Stuttering," Journal of Speech Disorders, 1938. Volume 3, pp. 121-23. (PDF)

  • Bryngelson, Bryng, "Voluntary stuttering," The Professional Discussions of the Ninth Annual Convention of the American Speech Correction Association, 1934, Vol. 4, pp. 35-38. (PDF)

  • Kuster, J. M. (2012, February 14). Internet: Resources for Choral Reading in Stuttering Treatment. The ASHA Leader

  • Choral Reading and Great Speeches - ISAD 2011 presentation by Judy Kuster

  • From Kathy Swiney
  • Updated links on Stuttering in other Countries/Cultures

  • Added several resources about Teletherapy/Telepractice and Stuttering to Therapy for Stuttering with several links to articles and more.

  • Updated Internet Resources for School-Based SLPs Serving Children Who Stutter

  • Replaced dead links to ASHA handouts from fluency presentations at ASHA Conventions

  • Links established to


  • Diane Parris' Stuttering Course Syllabus - spring semester 2012

  • Updated URLs on Internet Resources for Working With Preschoolers Who Stutter

  • Added page of links to ASHA Convention handouts for 2011

  • Added Daniel's information What he does when he is teased about stuttering.

  • Links added to:
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