Academic Resources


How to Register/Drop Courses

How to get an Access Code for registering

Class Schedule Builder

Help you plan your class schedule with a visual view of your week.

DARS Report

The degree audit is an advising tool highlighting the course requirements for completing an undergraduate degree. This can be found in E-Services.

How to Declare Your Major

Difference between declaring and applying for a major:

Students can declare a major at any time - and essentially allows a student to formally share his/her desire to pursue a particular major. Undecided students should declare majors as soon as they feel they are ready. Students are admitted to majors when they have met department requirements to take advanced coursework in that major. Some majors require students to apply to their program. They typically have a fall and spring deadline. Check with your advisor to see if you need to apply for your program.

How to find your advisor on E-Services


MavConnect allows students to connect with faculty, advisors, success coaches, and other staff.

How to use MavConnect (including scheduling an advising meeting)


Minnesota State University’s online portal for classes. Each professor uses D2L in their own way, some upload everything, some don’t use it at all. You can find class materials (readings, assignments, etc), see a class calendar, turn in assignments, post discussion posts, check grades, etc.

How to Email a Professor

Proper email etiquette is important. This guide shows you proper formatting for emailing a professor.

Office Hours

All professors are required to have office hours. Your professors will have their hours listed on the syllabus, if those times do not work for you, you can reach out and see if they can meet another time.

You can ask a variety of questions during office hours. Topics include:

  • Courses
    • Missing Class
    • Academic Performance
    • Hard concepts or materials
    • Study advice
    • Assignment expectations
    • How readings relate to course material
    • How to improve your writing skills
    • Upcoming classes
  • School
    • Campus resources
    • Information on graduate schools/careers
  • Personal Interest
    • Specific interests/topics from class or what the professor is working on
    • Research
  • Future
    • Job connections/internships
    • Letters of recommendation


Find which textbooks you need for each class

Maverick Textbook Reserve

The Maverick Textbook Reserve Program allows students to check out textbooks for a couple of hours at a time in lieu of buying or renting a textbook.


Library Services

Group Study Room Reservations

Reserve a group study room for up to 3 hours sessions. Check to see what rooms are available and reserve them in advance.

Scholarship Finder

Minnesota State University scholarship opportunities.


MavPRINT is a student printing service available to all currently-enrolled students. With MavPRINT you can print from your laptop, tablet or smart phone as long as it is capable of sending attachments via email. MavPRINT provides students use of over 50 printers at various locations throughout the Mankato and Edina campuses as well as residence halls including Stadium Heights Residence Community.


Microsoft OneDrive is an online cloud storage service. You can automatically back up anything you are working on and access it from anywhere. You can also share and collaborate on online documents together.

How to install Office 365

How to Organize Outlook

Keep your email inbox organized so you can easily find old messages.

How to Study Abroad